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MPHWORLD is environmentally conscious in every way. All of our products and printed materials are produced with recycled materials, whenever possible, and only by suppliers that practice environmentally friendly production procedures. We utilize guidelines and certified suppliers that are FSC approved. We can also offer carbon replacement directives, so you can feel assured that your production is more efficient at having less impact on the environment. For more information on the ecology of print production, go to:

Please call for a free, no-obligation estimate or quote. You'll find our services to be reasonably priced and customized specifically to fit your application. Mark is also available to work on-sight in NYC or the vicinity at an hourly or daily rate.

Mark Holechek
(862) 571-9292


The ideas and talent of the following individuals contributes to the presentation of MPHWORLD.COM:
Lowell Rutkove, Jan Cobb, Paolo Altamura, Kelly Holechek, Scott Holechek, Sylvia Rutkoff, Liz Demkin, Paul Dick, Joe Miller, Alison Blank, Chris & Geoffrey Price, David Rothkopf, Abner Gutierrez, Myra Moldonado, Steven Lerner, Liz Kellogg, Michael Hort, Richard Brandt. And to our Clients for their enthusiastic permission to use the graphics and projects, that we designed, here on our website. They maintain ALL proprietary rights to graphics, copy, art direction, photography, displays, models, prototypes and any of the commissioned work we performed for them.

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If you have comments or questions, let us know by clicking Contact MPHWORLD. We'd be happy to show you samples of specific products or programs that relate directly to your needs. Please call us at: 862-571-9292 or email Mark@MPHWORLD.COM